Xbox One S: 6 New Things It Can Do (And One That It Won’t) – Xbox One Slim

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Published on September 21, 2016

The new Xbox One S is here and, yes, it’s a lot more slim than the previous Xbox One. But that’s not the whole story, there are some other neat features of this facelifted Xbox One that make it an even more tempting proposition. Subscribe for more!

Thanks to Digital Foundry for their footage. Find them at

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that this is genuinely a more powerful console. We weren’t expecting any performance gains in our existing, non-HDR Xbox One games, but it turns out games like Project CARS actually run more smoothly on the new machine.

Not quite the pointless stop gap before Project Scorpio we worried it might be? It sort of depends how able you are to buy one and still save up substantial amounts of money for Scorpio’s arrival in late 2017.

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