Top 5 upcoming Smartwatches in 2016 #2

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Published on December 21, 2016

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Top 5 futuristic smartwatches you can buy in 2016 | the Best of Wearable
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Today we countdown some of the best upcoming smartwatches. Here, we will not be talking about the already established brands like Apple, Samsung, Moto etc. But rather the ones which are not so well known but are incredibly innovative.

Smartwatches covered in this video are:

► Rufus Cuff
The Rufus Cuff is an advanced wearable device with a revolutionary new take on wrist real estate. With a beautiful 3.2-inch wide screen, radical design, and re-imagined form factor, the Rufus Cuff ends the era of the watch and ushers in the Wrist Communicator.

►TouchOne Keyboard
The TouchOne Keyboard is the first dedicated smartwatch keyboard that supports both circular and square devices

COGITO FIT serves as an activity monitor that utilizes a comprehensive algorithm to track your activity levels, and providing you with valuable insights, and it can work without needing your phone.

►Shammane Smartwatch
The Shammane Smartwatch is an elegant, timeless wearable that helps you stay connected to the people, places, and events you care about most, without sacrificing style.

BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch. Compared to our phones, smartwatches are small and have limited space inside. This means that other smartwatch companies are having to compromise on which features they to put into a tiny little device that fits around your wrist. We wanted to give that power back to you, the user, to choose what features are important just for you.
The strap is made of several modules, each with their own function. Choose the modules you want to build a smartwatch unique to you.


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