TOP 10➜ Best 2016 Drones (RTF with Camera)

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Published on December 21, 2016

When I first uploaded this video on Youtube, I checked if there was any copyrighted song. I received three reports, so I changed the Bebop, Wingsland and Walkera song. I uploaded the new file (this video) and I didn’t receive any report.
However, when the video reached 20’000 views I had to remove the final song… And when it reached 40’000 views I received ANOTHER REPORT!!! So I removed the two musics with the Youtube tool, but this spoiled the audio quality of the whole video.
I just wanted to tell you it’s not my fault and, if you prefer, I’ll upload a new video without copyrighted songs.

These are the best drones of the year. They are Ready To Fly out of the box and are equipped with high quality cameras.

P.S. I only chose drones which cost less than $ 2000

►10 Wingsland Minivet:
►9 Lily:
►8 Bebop 2:
►7 Hubsan X4 pro:
►6 Disco: Coming soon!
►5 Phantom 3:
►4 Tali h500:
►3 Yuneec q500:
►2 Phantom 4:
►1 Yuneec H:
NCS song

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